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Donald And Melania Arrive Back At White House Together And Find Nasty Surprise

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Donald And Melania Arrive Back At White House Together And Find Nasty Surprise

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump were back at the White House this past weekend and they sure walked into a big surprise! As they were walking in, they noticed a chant coming out of the sky, one look around and oh my goodness! There it is! The protesters who are chanting “lock him up” and totally disrespecting the President of the United States. Nothing new for the Trump family as they’re well-seasoned veterans by now as they’ve endured plenty of loudmouths and do-nothings from the liberal activists who still don’t get it that no one listens to their protests.

The only security that seemed to be present was that which protects the First Family and keeps the protesters under control, even though they’re potentially suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

It’s one thing to disagree and dislike the president, but to arrive at his home and scream into the sky could mean they’re partially deranged. We’re not doctors, but we surely know screaming into the air isn’t going to be effective nor get the president locked up and thrown in prison.

Trump and his wife weren’t locked up, so the protesters didn’t accomplish their task. Donald and Melania would need to commit a real crime to be locked up, and there’s just nothing that they can be locked up for. Of course, the protesters don’t understand that screaming at people won’t change anything. They could also be spending their time helping out in their community or going to work or spending time with

Some of Twitter’s finest candidates for Trump Derangement Syndrome supported the screaming out loud and protests as they posted their views on social media. The protest video of Donald Trump and Melania was shared on Twitter by John Aravosis. The video is below and the funny replies by liberals are just under it.

“Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is a mental condition in which a person has been driven effectively insane due to their dislike of Donald Trump, to the point at which they will abandon all logic and reason.

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