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Donations EXPLODE For High School Rifle Team After School District Rejects NRA “Dirty Money”

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Donations EXPLODE For High School Rifle Team After School District Rejects NRA “Dirty Money”

A Pennsylvania high school rifle team can thank their own local businesses for raising more than $6,000 to replace the grant money that was rejected by the Stroudsburg Area School District’s board.

The board voted 6-2 this week to reject a $4,730 grant from the National Rifle Association, with one board member calling it “dirty money”.

“[The business owners] are all members of the NRA and strongly disagree with the school board’s decision and further attempt to politicize guns in this country, on the backs of our kids,” the business owners stated.

BOOM! How do ya like them apples?! I’m really enjoying the flood of support we’re seeing for the NRA in the wake of all of this.

A Democratic state lawmaker set up a GoFundMe campaign so that the rifle team would be funded without help from the NRA.

“We have students organizing marches in Washington [and] all around this nation crying out for their lives. God forbid anything happens in this school, how are we going to feel about taking that money?” said State Rep. Maureen Madden (D-Tobyhanna).

A nice gesture but again… it sort of echos the above statement of rejecting their “dirty money” doesn’t it? But I guess it’s better than not removing the extracurricular activity altogether.

But before that, the students did attempt to get the board to accept the money.

But this is what I like seeing. Your community should have more of a say in what they’ll fund and what they do not want to fund. The community here seems to realize that and again an amazing $6000, much more than what they were going to get from the NRA, was raised.

KUDOS to the team and the community for making this happen. When one door closes, find another one to open.

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