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Dramatic Video Of ISIS Militant Surrendering, “Don’t Be Afraid, I Won’t Blow Myself Up”

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Dramatic Video Of ISIS Militant Surrendering, “Don’t Be Afraid, I Won’t Blow Myself Up”

ISIS has been defeated, but not abolished. There are still militants throughout the Middle East.

In a video of Peshmerga fighters surrounding a room of ISIS militants, the footage shows an ISIS soldier being captured in Mosul, Iraq.

The dramatic footage of one terrified ISIS soldier who willingly surrenders himself shows not all of the terror group’s soldiers are willing to die for their beliefs. I believe that many times, they are forced into it.

The video shows a squadron of Kurdish fighters on the offensive against the terrorists as they continue to take over territory in the besieged city of Mosul, Iraq.

Surrounding a tiny room where their enemies are cowering away, the Peshmerga soldiers shout that they will not kill anyone if they come out and surrender.

He comes out with his hands in the air, and a dirty face and his filthy camouflage shirt pulled up to prove that he is not wearing a suicide vest.

That’s when you can hear him say as he’s being detained, “Don’t be afraid, I won’t blow myself up.”



He tells the soldiers there are still another three or four militants left inside the building, and that they will not come out alive.

The Kurds give back away from him a bit, at which point the detainee tries to run away, and a brief scuffle ensues before he is snared again.

Later on in the mission, a soldier was wounded in gunfire in the battle with the rest of the terrorists, and when they entered the building a bomb exploded, causing multiple casualties. (Daily Mail)

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