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Elizabeth Warren Visibly Shaken After Black Protesters Storm Her Speech in Atlanta, Look Who Comes To Her Rescue (VIDEO)

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Elizabeth Warren Visibly Shaken After Black Protesters Storm Her Speech in Atlanta, Look Who Comes To Her Rescue (VIDEO)

While campaigning in Atlanta recently, Elizabeth Warren showed that she was visibly shaken up after black protesters shouted at her during her speech causing her to stop speaking.

The group was protesting against Warren for her stance on eliminating school choice for public school families.

According to Fox News,

“Fighters I want to talk about tonight are black women,” Warren began, drawing applause and cheers. “As a white woman I will never fully understand the discrimination, the pain, the harm that black Americans have experienced just because of the color of their skin.”

Suddenly some protesters, later identified as a group backing school choice, began chanting.

“Our children, our choice!,” they shouted, with Warren trying to speak over them.

Warren supporters then tried to drown out the protesters by chanting “Warren!” “Warren!”

The protesters then countered with “Dream big, our choice!”

“Alright, so let’s talk a little,” Warren said, attempting to engage with the dissenters.

But the protesters continued chanting, first “We want to be heard!” and then back to “Our children, our choice!”

Eventually, Ayanna Pressley came to Warren’s rescue,

“I want to say something. No one is here to quiet you — at least not this black woman who knows what it is when people try to put me in a corner and tell me to be quiet.

You are welcome here. The senator is here to talk about the contributions, fighters like you, have made to history so, in this moment, there are many people that do not know this story because we have rendered as a historical footnote in history so I am going to appeal to you to not dishonor that history.

We are grateful for your activism and your voice and you are welcome here and we would love to convene after this about the issue that you are here to stoke our consciousness about.

But when these women have been ignored this long, this is their moment and we are going to hear the story.”

Here’s my thought. I bet you anything that Ayanna Pressley is not satisfied with just being a Representative. She’s aiming for something much higher.

By taking the initiative to stand up for Warren publicly, she demonstrating to her that she has that can-do attitude and how she would be a good choice to run with her if she wins the Democratic nomination for president.

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