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Everyone’s Blue Collar Celeb Speaks Out Against The Decline of Ethics In America – Everyone Needs To Hear This

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Everyone’s Blue Collar Celeb Speaks Out Against The Decline of Ethics In America – Everyone Needs To Hear This

The iconic hard-working American, Mike Rowe, is widely known for his television shows about the everyday heroes- the working-class. You likely recognize him from his previous show ‘Dirty Jobs’ or his more recent projects like ‘Returning The Favor‘ and ‘Somebody’s Gotta Do It‘  but you may not be familiar with Rowe’s college assistance program ‘Mike Rowe Works Foundation‘ where he helps other’s advance their careers through continued education.

Rowe says that because he isn’t just giving this money away and actually required initiative from the scholarship recipients, he’s witnessed a massive decline in applicants willing to complete his program.  Mike says it’s because the next generation has their work-ethics all wrong. Now more than ever, it does seem like everyone wants something for nothing.

In his segment with Tucker Carlson, Mike Rowe says there is a link between stories like Starbucks being forced to open their private restrooms to the public and the 30-year-old who refuses to leave his parents home. Take a look.

I found an interesting read on the subject from a site I was not familiar with until today. You may also want to take a look.

As Written By  With Acculturated :

It is true that Mike Rowe’s S.W.E.A.T. Pledge is long on individual responsibility and short on the collective sort. Item No. 2 of 12 begins: “I believe that I am entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Nothing more.” Those are fighting words to many on the American left today, whose list of entitlements grows daily.

Let us grant that the self-made man has always profited from at least a bit of luck, and often a great deal, that chance can “starve good men and bad advance,” that not everyone who works hard gets ahead.

The vital question is not whether these things are true, but what stories we tell about them, what lessons we draw from them. If we conclude from these facts that the “deck is stacked,” we can score political points with those who think they deserve better than they’ve got—and there are always many who feel that way.

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