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Ex-Secret Service Agent’s Grim Message: No Good Options To Save Soccer Team Trapped In Cave

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Ex-Secret Service Agent’s Grim Message: No Good Options To Save Soccer Team Trapped In Cave

Rescue efforts continue for the remaining members of the boy’s soccer team trapped in a cave in Thailand. Melanie Burkholder, Ex-Secret Service agent says there are no good options as waters continue to rise.

According to The Washington Post, hen the owner of the youth soccer team trapped in a cave complex in northern Thailand received a call from one of the boys’ parents just after 5:30 p.m. Sunday, he knew almost instantly: The first of the Wild Boars was free.

“You could tell by his voice,” said Kamol Chanthapun, one of the founders of the Moo Pa, or Wild Boars, soccer squad that has been stranded by floodwaters since June 23. “It was the first time he sounded light.”

Four members of the team were rescued Sunday by divers who helped them navigate a treacherous path out of the cave. Ambulances raced through the streets of Mae Sai and helicopters circled overhead. The provincial governor said the four were checked out in a field hospital near the cave.

As Reported By CBS:

Supplies need to be restocked, mainly the oxygen tanks since the government said they had depleted their oxygen tanks. The rescuers need to also check on the boys who are still there and make sure they are strong enough to be rescued.

The boys and the coach are coming out through a buddy system, and she said she has heard some “pretty dramatic scenes of the rescue.”

For the boys in the region, soccer is “really a way of life.”

As for the coach who has been trapped with the boys, Mahtani said she has learned he has a “tragic” story. He was orphaned after a disease spread through his town, killing his parents and his younger brother. He moved to a monastery but has moved back to the region to care for an ailing grandmother.

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