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Facebook Blacklists Conservative News Organization with 3.4 Million Followers Right Before The Impeachment Hearing

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Facebook Blacklists Conservative News Organization with 3.4 Million Followers Right Before The Impeachment Hearing

Over the past few weeks, we’ve mentioned multiple instances of popular Facebook fan pages that have been suspended for bogus reasons.

The real reason is that Facebook hates conservatives and wants to censor free speech if it doesn’t fit with their own liberal views.

First the fan page “Donald Trump Is Our President” was banned because Facebook claimed that they were impersonating Donald Trump, which they weren’t. The page says everywhere that it’s a fan page, even in the cover image.

Then David Harris Jr. had his page banned immediately following an event where he did a Facebook live video. Facebook said that he was promoting illegal activity so they suspended his page.

Now they’ve censored LaCorte News, a conservative news organization for an image they posted. Take a look at the image below, that is what got them banned.

However, according to a spokesperson at Facebook, “We routinely take action when we find violations of our Community Standards, including financially motivated activities like spreading clickbait content. In this case, we removed a number of these pages and accounts for violating our policies including against spam and misrepresentation,” though no specific examples were provided to support the ridiculous claims.

According to Breitbart,

Facebook has erased LaCorte News, a news organization founded by a former Fox News executive, citing “spam and misrepresentation.”

LaCorte News was founded by former Fox News executives Ken LaCorte and John Moody. The site focuses on media bias and online censorship, and had recently been reporting heavily on the “whistleblower” media blackout.

Both LaCorte and Moody had long careers in the highest levels of the mainstream media. LaCorte ran for over a decade, while Moody served as Executive Editor and Executive Vice President of Fox News. Prior to that, he was CEO of NewsCore, the internal wire service of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation.

The ban of LaCorte News and other LaCorte-owned publications came soon after Facebook threatened to remove any pages that named the alleged whistleblower, E**c C******lla.

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