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Failed Actor Offers Reward to Anyone Who Punches Trump Teen Supporter in the Genitals

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Failed Actor Offers Reward to Anyone Who Punches Trump Teen Supporter in the Genitals

Ben Hoffman (Who the hell is he?) is offering a complete set of his country albums, autographed, to anyone who will punch the Catholic teen Trump supporter in the family jewels.

What’s the second prize? Two autographed sets? So, a nobody will give you a completely worthless set of albums, made even more worthless by his autograph for someone to commit a violent act against a teenager? The teen was the one that the native American got up in the face of, banging his drum.

The Indian claimed that a group of Catholic students surrounded and harassed him. The following videos prove that was a lie. HE approached THEM. It has since come to light that he has perpetrated these hoaxes in the past:

From The Gateway Pundit

Failed actor Ben Hoffman took to Twitter on Saturday to offer a bounty to his 82,000 followers for anyone who would punch a teen Trump supporter in the genitals.

The 44-year-old man was upset about the viral video in which a creepy old guy with a drum confronted a group of teenagers who were in DC for the March for Life. The students had stopped at the Lincoln Memorial — as most tourists do — when they were harassed by the man who began staring down one of the teens and banging a drum in his face.

Somehow, in the upside-down logic of the left, the child became the villain in this story — but imagine if a man in a MAGA hat had done the same to a group of liberals at the Women’s March.

The left promptly sprung into action, declaring that the teen is a “racist” and trying to dox him and his peers. We aren’t talking about random Antifa Twitter trolls — but verified celebrities and activist-journalists.

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