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Family Pleads With Trump After Obama Abandoned Their Father To Dictators

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Family Pleads With Trump After Obama Abandoned Their Father To Dictators

The release of the three American captives held hostage in North Korea has brought hope to several families who have members being used as political pawns abroad. One, Robert Levinson, was abandoned by the Obama administration some 10 years ago. Mr. Levinson was likely considered collateral damage by Obama in who was trying to pass is Iranian nuclear deal.

Stephany Curry, daughter of former FBI agent Robert Levinson, says her family is hopeful that Trump has the deal-making skills to bring her father home from Iran. The family has been left in the dark for a decade now as to the condition of their father. His passports have not shown up in any Nation’s system in all this time.  Take a look.

As Reported By News Week:

For a long time, the facts behind Levinson’s disappearance was one of Washington’s best kept secrets. The official line was that Levinson, an organized-crime specialist who had been freelancing since his 1998 FBI retirement, was working on “private business” when he went to Kish. That was only very narrowly true: Levinson’s “private business” was spying for the CIA.

The former G-man had even ginned up his own cover story for his mission: that he was investigating a cigarette-counterfeiting case in Iran for British American Tobacco (BAT), a sometime client. In a move that could have been lifted from Burn After Reading, he typed up a phony assignment letter on BAT stationery—a ruse that would have fallen apart with a single call to the company.

The truth was, however, that Levinson went off to Kish in hopes of turning Dawud Salahuddin, a U.S.-born fugitive who decades ago had carried out an assassination of an Iranian exile dissident outside Washington, D.C., into his informant.

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