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FBI: Antifa Plotted to Buy Guns From Mexican Cartel for Armed Uprising at the Border

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FBI: Antifa Plotted to Buy Guns From Mexican Cartel for Armed Uprising at the Border

The FBI is investigating Antifa after it came to their attention that Antifa was trying to buy guns from a Mexican cartel in order to have an armed rebellion on the Mexican border.

In a way, it’s a shame they stopped them because they would soon learn the border is not Portland, but it is good that the FBI stopped the plot, so no one on either side gets hurt. The San Diego Tribune was given a copy of the six-page report but asked them not to print it because the investigation is ongoing.

The paper was able to confirm the report by a couple of different sources.

From The Daily Caller

Two of the men named in the report told the San Diego Tribune the allegations are absurd.

“It doesn’t make any sense that someone from the United States would purchase guns in Mexico,” Ivan Reibeling, the man known as Cobra Commander, told the outlet. “And the Hondurans certainly didn’t bring money to buy guns. It doesn’t make any sense; in fact it’s extremely absurd to say the Hondurans wanted to attack the United States at the border.

The FBI sent the report marked “priority” to agencies including the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the CIA and the National Security Administration.

Antifa is known for using violent means, including in protests against peaceful conservative speakers, free speech advocates and even journalists. The well-documented instances of violence include a protester repeatedly punching a man in the facethrowing water bottles and launching fireworks at police officers and starting fires on a college campus with Molotov cocktails. The Daily Caller News Foundation’s reporting led to the arrest of an Antifa leader who stands accused of accosting and assaulting two Marines in Philadelphia(RELATED: Five Times The Establishment Media Excused Antifa Violence)

Former Vice President Joe Biden launched his campaign for president by praising the group. He referred to a group of protesters who gathered in Charlottesville, VA, and violently confronted white nationalists “a courageous group of Americans.”

Now is the time to declare Antifa as a terrorist organization. Maybe they can get their good pal Joe Biden to defend them in court or pardon them if he becomes president. Just one more reason to vote no to Joe.

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