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Federal Judge Issues Stern Warning To Stormy And Attorney – STOP Or GET OUT!

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Federal Judge Issues Stern Warning To Stormy And Attorney – STOP Or GET OUT!

Judge Warns Michael Avenatti To Stop His ‘Publicity Tour’ If He Wants To Continue Participating In The Case

Daniel’s lawyer is seen more on television than his client or any other party involved in the case, for that matter. One Federal Judge moved to put an end to Avenatti’s show-boating and told the attorney to chose between the case and TV.

According to The Hill, A federal judge on Wednesday told Michael Avenatti to stop his “publicity tour” if he wants to continue participating in court proceedings against Michael Cohen, President Trump’s personal attorney, according to multiple reports.

Cohen’s attorneys have asked the federal district court to bar Avenatti from representing adult-film star Stormy Daniels in the case. Cohen paid Daniels $130,000 to prevent her from going public about an alleged affair with Trump.

While Judge Kimba Wood did not rule on Cohen’s request, she did throw a sharp warning to Avenatti, who has become a fixture on cable news networks in recent months.

“I say publicity tour not in a derogatory sense. You’re entitled to publicity, I can’t stop you — unless you’re participating in a matter before me,” Wood said, according to New York Daily News reporter Stephen Brown.

As Written By The Washington Examiner:

A blind man could see this one coming a mile away. A judge instructed Stormy Daniels’ attorney, Michael Avenatti, to choose this week between appearing in court on behalf of his client or going on cable news.

Avenatti chose television.

The California-based attorney “withdrew his motion to participate in the court battle involving the FBI raid of President Donald Trump’s attorney’s hotel and office,” CNN reported Wednesday.

he report adds, “Avenatti, who practices law in California, had requested to be admitted into the New York proceedings, but was met with fierce objection from the attorney for Michael Cohen, Trump’s long-time lawyer, who cited Avenatti’s frequent television appearances, public statements about Cohen’s guilt and his release of Cohen’s personal financial information.”

Judge Kimba Wood told Avenatti that he’d be admitted to the court only if he agreed to change his “conduct” and “stop your publicity tour.” The judge explained that “this conduct is inimitable to giving Mr. Cohen eventually a fair trial.”

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