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First Lady Stuns Liberal Reporters With Surprise Visit – Watch As They Try To Add A Negative Spin

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First Lady Stuns Liberal Reporters With Surprise Visit – Watch As They Try To Add A Negative Spin

Melania Trump Throws MSNBC Reporters Off With Second Visit To Immigration Facilities

First Lady, Melania Trump dropped in on the Arizona immigration facility. Mrs. Trump felt there was more she could see and do that she did not have time for on her first visit, alone.

The leftist media focused solely on her wardrobe the last time the First Lady stopped by. Though their claims have always been how ‘concerned’ they are for the families, the media spent little time covering anything but her jacket. This time, Melania kept her clothes simple, not to distract the fickle media from what’s important.

Still, the folks at MSNBC have tried to spin Mrs. Trump’s visit into a negative by stating it was a ‘publicity stunt’. If this is a publicity stunt it’s a poorly planned one as the First Lady gave no real warning to her arrival at the facility. In fact, her visit was strictly business and concern for the families. Take a look.

As Reported By People Magazine:

A week after Melania Trump mystified the country by stepping out in a green Zara jacket with the words “I Really Don’t Care, Do U” emblazoned on the back en route to a visit to a migrant children’s shelter, the first lady is attempting a similar trip — in a different ensemble and with a clearer message.

“She cares about children deeply,” her communications director, Stephanie Grisham, told reporters traveling with Mrs. Trump. “She’s advocating for quality care for these children under difficult circumstances.”

On Thursday, the first lady wore white pants, an unadorned black top and white sneakers for her visit to a Customs and Border Patrol facility in Tucson, Arizona, where she had a roundtable discussion with Border Patrol, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the U.S. Marshals Service and a local rancher, according to pool reports. She said the purpose of the meeting was to hear from people on the front lines at the border.

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