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Fox News BLASTS London’s Muslim Mayor For “Trump Blimp”

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Fox News BLASTS London’s Muslim Mayor For “Trump Blimp”

Nigel Farage ripped London Mayor Sadiq Khan a ‘new one’ for allowing the hideous ‘baby Trump blimp’. The blimp is a mockery of the United States President fashioned as a baby in a diaper with tiny hands and feet.

It’s certainly not the display you should expect from a supposed ‘ally’! “The European citizens need to realize that American could walk away from guaranteeing their protection. It’s time Europeans grew up and got real”, Nigel said.

According to Fox Insider, Trump is scheduled to meet with British Prime Minister Theresa May and Queen Elizabeth II later this month.

“It’s an insult,” Farage, a former leader of the UK Independence Party, said. “Whatever Sadiq Khan thinks about Donald Trump, he should not put that personal enmity above the fact that President Trump is the leader of the biggest and most important country in the world.”

London,  in particular, has been rallying protesters ahead of the President’s visit.

According to The Guardian:

Rights groups and activists have urged police to allow free protests during Donald Trump’s visit to the UK this week, warning against a repeat of the alleged political pressure during an equally contentious visit by China’s president.

Trump, who will be in Britain from Thursday to Sunday, is largely avoiding London, and will spend most of his time well away from demonstrations in places such as Chequers, Blenheim Palace and Windsor Castle, and Scotland.

The police forces covering the areas the US president will visit have promised to allow peaceful protests as far as is possible. But Amnesty International has warned against a repeat of the scenes in London when Xi Jinping visited in 2015.

Some activists seeking to protest against Xi complained they were corralled out of his view, allowing his route in London to be lined mainly by supportive Chinese nationals seemingly organised by Beijing officials.

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