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Get A Load Of Ocasio-Cortez’s Laughable ‘Solution’ To The Caravan Crisis

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Get A Load Of Ocasio-Cortez’s Laughable ‘Solution’ To The Caravan Crisis

Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York announced her own solution for the border crisis — one that almost certainly would upend civility and rule of law in the United States.

The young Democratic Socialist does not see the need for a secure border, instead hoping to place 5,000 government caseworkers there to speedily process the migrants through to the United States. Seriously.

Just take a look at what she tweeted:

“What if instead of sending 5k troops to the border, we had sent 5k caseworkers to review + process visa applications? In addition to averting moral crisis, it also would‘ve saved enormous amt of resources. But we don’t talk about the financial recklessness of GOP admins, do we?”

Although the border may seem like an arbitrary line on a map to some, it’s a critical symbol of our national sovereignty.

Borders are incomprehensibly important. There’s a reason they’re so central in human history. According to the Ancient History Encyclopedia, some of the earliest found human-made walls date from a time when mammoths still roamed the earth. For 10,000 years, the humble border has stood the test of time as a foolproof way of figuring out what belongs where.

Borders are so crucial that a word even exists for a mass unwelcome crossing of one: invasion.

As Reported By Newt Gingrich With Fox News:

The struggle along America’s southern border is a war.

It is largely a psychological war. Foreigners are taunting the American government and trying to get the news media to focus on American law enforcement rather than the people trying to break into our country.

This struggle is historic. It is the tip of a wave of lawbreaking foreigners who would love to move into the United States and dictate to law-abiding Americans the terms under which the lawbreakers will be accepted, supported and subsidized.

Ultimately, this war is a function of willpower and cleverness. The foreign invaders have a huge advantage. Most of the American news media and the American left are on their side.

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