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Gowdy’s ‘Game-Changer’ Evidence On FBI Investigation Of Trump, Heads Will Roll

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Gowdy’s ‘Game-Changer’ Evidence On FBI Investigation Of Trump, Heads Will Roll

Former Rep. Tery Gowdy knows a little more than he is telling or likely can tell at this time. On fox he revealthed that the Mueller report and Russian probe exposes so many crooks and cons in the deep state.

“It’s really something the National Enquirer would blush if they printed.”

“If the bureau’s going to send in an informant in, the informant’s going to be wired, and if the bureau is monitoring telephone calls, there’s going to be a transcript of that,” he said.

“Some of us have been fortunate enough to know whether or not those transcripts exist. But they haven’t been made public, and I think one, in particular … has the potential to actually persuade people,” he said. “Very little in this Russia probe I’m afraid is going to persuade people who hate Trump or love Trump. But there is some information in these transcripts that has the potential to be a game-changer if it’s ever made public.”

Gowdy continued, backing concerns raised by Rep. John Ratcliffe, R-Texas, about the origins of the Russia probe.

“John Ratcliffe is rightfully exercised over the obligations the government has to tell the whole truth to a court when you are speaking permission to spy or do surveillance on an American,” Gowdy said, in apparent reference to allegations that information was withheld from the surveillance court when the FBI sought to monitor another Trump aide.

“Part of that includes the responsibility of providing exculpatory information or information that tends to show the person did not do something wrong.”

He added, “If you have exculpatory information and you don’t share it with the court, that ain’t good.”

In the same interview, the former congressman took aim at the unverified anti-Trump dossier authored by Christopher Steele.

“I mean, let’s just call it for what it is. It’s a series of rank hearsay compilations put together by an FBI source who was later defrocked. Paid for by the Democrat National Committee, then, oh by the way, Christopher Steele hated Donald Trump too so that we can call it a dossier. It sounds official,” Gowdy said.

“It’s really something the National Enquirer would blush if they printed so we know that it was used four times by the United States government.”

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