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Group Storms On To Epstein’s Private Island To Give First Ever Exclusive Look

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Group Storms On To Epstein’s Private Island To Give First Ever Exclusive Look

Just recently a small group of guys made their way onto Jeffrey Epstein’s “Pedophile Island” and shared video footage they took while there.

Luke Rudkowski and Jeff Berwick were able to sneak their way onto Little St. James Island (Pedophile Island) to give up a detailed look at the property and what was there.

We have seen drone footage taken of the island in the past, but this video gave us much more than what we’ve seen before.

According to The Daily Wire,

Some of the interesting things shown in the video are bizarre gargoyles found around the island, the secluded “massage” area, and Epstein’s infamous temple.

As noted by the reporters, Epstein allegedly spent $20,000 per palm tree in order to create utter seclusion around the “private massage area.”

Additionally, the temple looked like something one might see on a “Hollywood set,” they noted. The door on the “temple,” for example, was not a door, but merely painted on.

It appears in the video that there is really no entrance into the “temple”? But I would be willing to bet that it was made that way for an intentional purpose to deceive outsiders from gaining entry into the building. This is probably where many of the young girls would be used and abused while on the island.

They also said that people were on the island, but they didn’t know who or why they were there. It really wouldn’t make sense for anyone else to be there.

At the end of the video, you can actually see that one of the men tells the others to hurry up and get back to the boat so they can leave the island after he sees someone on the golf cart. You can even see someone sitting on one of them near the water’s edge.

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