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Hilarious: Trump Dumbfounds VILE Leftists Who Attacked His Motorcade In New York

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Hilarious: Trump Dumbfounds VILE Leftists Who Attacked His Motorcade In New York

New York City’s Extreme leftists took time out of their ‘busy’ schedule of making posters and angrily blogging to protest the arrival of President Trump. The things they shouted were obscene but their vile vulgarity didn’t end in just mere words.

President Trump’s motorcade rounded the corner of a New York street and was met by unhinged leftists who screamed ‘F- Trump’, ‘F- You’, and shamelessly gave ‘the middle finger’ to the President of the United States. The highest and, what should be, most respected position in America. Disgusting.

That didn’t phase Trump, though. In a true Trump fashion, he dumbfounded the easily confused liberals with a classy and hilarious response.

100 Percent Fed Up reported that “Trump rolled down his window and looked them right in the face as he drove by, but that wasn’t his message. He didn’t appear to say anything.

You’ll have to watch the video twice to catch it. You’ll see when Trump is going by because it’s the car with the window down and you can see the “presidential wave” as his hand is shown. Then you can also hear the people saying something like “that was him!”

Smile and wave, because that’s all you can do to people who are so bent out of shape that they yell obscenities at the top of their lungs in public, even if children are around.

When someone is so upset that Hillary Clinton lost and two years have gone by, then maybe the problem isn’t with the president.

Then again, it’s politics, and we’ve managed to disrupt the system so badly that people who were supportive of Hillary Clinton are still angry because they didn’t even get a participation trophy. There’s no second place in politics. You either win or you’re out!

Trump is in and we have plenty of time until the 2020 election.”

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