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Hillary Clinton FINALLY Gets What’s Coming To Her After Email Scandal ROCKED The Nation

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Hillary Clinton FINALLY Gets What’s Coming To Her After Email Scandal ROCKED The Nation

It ONLY took 1,279 days but Hillary Clinton has at least one less power to hold over this nation after it was discovered that her private email server, where classified details were shared, had been compromised.

She’s officially lost her security clearance! Though it’s being claimed that it was… at her request (I don’t buy it, sorry) as of August 2018.

From LifeZette:

Grassley made public a September 21 letter he received from the State Department that mentioned the removal.

The State Department letter also told Grassley that the security clearances were withdrawn of four federal employees designated by Clinton as “researchers.” The names of the four individuals were redacted from the copy of the letter made public by the committee.

The New York Times first reported Clinton’s use of the private server, which was located in the New York mansion she shares with former President Bill Clinton, in a March 3, 2015 news story.

If you’ve ever wondered why WE THE PEOPLE are always chanting “LOCK HER UP” — well this is one of the reasons why. Folks, this was a very big deal… IF it’s true that it was at her request, why in the fudge was it her and not us that took it away in the first place?

According to USA Today:

The letter also lists five Clinton aides whose security clearances were withdrawn in September. The names of the aides were redacted, except for Cheryl Mills, who served as Clinton’s chief of staff at the State Department.


After its review is complete the State Department said it will begin investigating whether there were any “valid security incidents” and whether Clinton or her staff broke any rules.

Well, we’ll see where it goes. But my gut tells me that if it was her idea then there’s probably an angle to play here.

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