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Hungary’s New Law “Stop Soros” Bans Aid To Illegal Immigrants – Guess Who It’s Named After

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Hungary’s New Law “Stop Soros” Bans Aid To Illegal Immigrants – Guess Who It’s Named After

Hungary Made A Huge Move To Protect Its Own Legal Citizens

The Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, gave addressed one of the biggest crises his Nation faces- illegal immigration. Hungary has seen an increase in violent crimes committed by illegal immigrants and lawmakers have moved to put a stop to the madness.

The new law, “Stop Soros”, is named after billionaire George Soros who reportedly offers financial aid to Muslim immigrants who enter Hungary illegally.

According to Town Hall, on Wednesday, the Hungarian parliament passed a series of laws that criminalize giving certain types of assistance to illegal immigrants. In the aftermath of the laws’ passage, liberal NGOs and human rights groups denounced the legal package – known informally as the ‘Stop Soros’ law – as an authoritarian measure that would make Hungary guilty of “persecuting” migrants, asylum seekers, and the groups that help them.

Amnesty International Europe Director Gauri van Gulik was especially incensed by the new laws, characterizing them as “a brazen attack on people seeking safe haven from persecution and those who carry out admirable work to help them” and further pledging to “resist” the laws “every step of the way.”

The Full Speech Can Be Read On Hungary’s Site:

Ladies and Gentlemen, can there be compromise in the migrant debate? No – and there is no need for it. There are those who imagine that each opposing side should make concessions, that they should reach out to each other and shake hands. This is a bad approach. There are questions on which there will never be agreement… Immigration is one such question. There is no document that we are aware of which states that if you enter the European Union you must become an immigrant country. When we entered we made no such commitment…

[T]here are immigrant countries in the EU, where migrants are welcomed, where people want to mix with them, and where people want to integrate them. And there are countries which do not want migrants, which do not want to mix with them, and where their integration is therefore out of the question. In such situations there is a need not for compromise, but for tolerance. We tolerate the fact that some Member States in the Schengen Area admit migrants. This has and will have consequences – including for us. Meanwhile they should tolerate the fact that we do not wish to do so. They shouldn’t lecture us, they shouldn’t blackmail us, they shouldn’t coerce us, but they should just give us the respect that is due to Member States…

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