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I Bet These People Weren’t Spanked as Kids – Absolute Disrespect Toward the NYPD!

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I Bet These People Weren’t Spanked as Kids – Absolute Disrespect Toward the NYPD!

You can thank New York City Mayor De Blasio for the horrific video you’re about to see.

His thug coddling policies have made it where police are too afraid to stand up for themselves. Just in case you haven’t been paying attention, De Blasio is also running for president in 2020!

Think about just how bad the United States would get under this guy’s watch. NYPD cops are being insulted, ridiculed, and assaulted but know that if they use justifiable force, their Commissioner won’t back them.

Bill de Blasio traveled to Miami for Wednesday’s Democratic debate, and some of his fellow New Yorkers tagged along for the ride, but they weren’t well-wishers.

While de Blasio touted his executive experience onstage, including running the nation’s largest police department, the Police Benevolent Association (PBA), a powerful union of rank-and-file New York Police Department (NYPD) officers, announced they would be protesting outside the debate venue. The PBA also bought a digital ad displayed on a truck, as well as a full-page ad in The Miami Herald declaring that de Blasio “puts WORKING PEOPLE LAST.”

“He has devoted far more time to chasing his own political ambitions than to addressing New York City’s myriad crises—the population of homeless New Yorkers is ballooning and the mental healthcare system is in shambles, all of which has only added to the challenges police officers face on the streets,” PBA president Pat Lynch said in a statement.

If you don’t know what those officers are referring to just take a look at these videos. Two officers are shouted down, insulted and drenched with buckets of water while trying to make a justified arrest. It’s an absolute disgrace and should not stand!

This ladies and gentlemen is no laughing matter. De Blasio, the commissioner, Democrats and the lying media have made conditions for police officers downright dangerous. Especially in New York.  President Trump and Don Jr. have personally attacked De Blasio for the crap job he’s done in that state and now he wants to be president? No.

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