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Infowars Reporter Millie Weaver Confronts CNN’s Jim Acosta — Acosta Flees

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Infowars Reporter Millie Weaver Confronts CNN’s Jim Acosta — Acosta Flees

This is awesome! Millie Weaver of Infowars recently caught up to and confronted CNN’s Jim Acosta regarding his network’s leading role in eliminating Infowars from internet platforms.

It was fun to watch, as Ms. Weaver really kept her cool as she questioned Acosta about his network’s attempts to censor their competition.

Acosta’s response? “Everyone has a right to free speech, everyone has a right to freedom of the press — but I also think you have to be responsible in exercising that right — and that what you say, what you print, what you publish and report on.” Weaver quickly rebounded with her question: ”CNN was calling for Infowars to be banned. Don’t you think that is kind of hypocritical, though?”

Acosta responded by saying that he believes news reporting must be “truth based.” Weaver then asked Acosta if other news organizations should be banned, to which Acosta responded by saying  “we deal with the truth, we deal with the facts, and I would recommend you guys do the same thing.”

Things got a bit warmer when Weaver asked “Don’t you think it’s just better to counter people instead of ban them and censor them?” Instead of just answering her question, Acosta seemed agitated, and said he feels that people who deal in facts have nothing to worry about. Hmmm. Maybe he knows that it means he might find himself flipping burgers when he gets chopped out of the reporter lineup. We already know he likes flipping inane questions to Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

“You’re okay with media outlets being censored online? As a fellow journalist this doesn’t scare you?” Weaver persisted. “What if the pendulum swings the other way, Jim?”

At that point, Acosta bailed and rushed inside the building.

It would be interesting to know what he was feeling as he fled from Ms. Weaver. One thing we can say for certain – CNN has certainly earned the label “Fake News”, and it would be smarter for them to advocate FOR free press rather than for censorship. They could very well find themselves on the chopping block next. (As an aside, I thought it was hilarious when the ladies behind Acosta photo-bombed him with their signs!)

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