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Insane PSA Video From The Left Will Leave You In Shock

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Insane PSA Video From The Left Will Leave You In Shock

Liberal developed quite possibly the most ridiculous anti-gun PSA video to-date. In the video they’re actually encouraging kids to steal guns from their parents and bring them to school, committing several felonies.

Conservative Tribune wrote, “It goes without saying that much of what is put forward by gun control advocates is unconstitutional, unreasonable and not particularly well thought out.

Every once in awhile, however, some of the gun grabbers stoop to ridiculous levels of insanity that likely even have some on their own sides shaking their heads in dismay.

One of the more egregious examples of the lunacy of gun control advocates came in the form of a public service announcement released in 2014.

Although the PSA is nearly four years old, it nevertheless remains quite relevant as a display of the depths the anti-gun crowd will lower themselves to. The Washington Times reported on the ad.

The PSA, produced by a San Francisco-based anti-gun production company, appeared to encourage young students to steal their parents’ firearms and bring them to school to be turned over to authorities.”

In the video, a boy steals an unholstered (presumably loaded) firearm from his mother’s room, drops it unsecured into his bookbag, and then carries it to school. After class the boy pulls the pistol out of his bookbag and puts it on his startled teacher’s desk, saying, “Can you take this away? I don’t feel safe with a gun in my house.”

In the real world, such an act would result in the boy facing numerous felony charges (exact charges depend on state laws) possibly including weapons theft, unlawful possession of a weapon by a minor, illegal concealed carry of a weapon, carrying a weapon onto school property, assault, and brandishing.

He would face the possibility of felony criminal record and mandatory expulsion from his school… and this is the kind of behavior that deranged gun control supporter Sincic is hoping that children will emulate.

What is wrong with these people?

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