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Iranian Commander Threatens US And Allies: ‘We Will Destroy You’

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Iranian Commander Threatens US And Allies: ‘We Will Destroy You’

Iran has been experiencing a massive disconnect from the rest of the world after the country cut the internet in order to silence protesters and journalists trying to report on what’s happening, as well as keep people from leaving the country.

On top of all this, the head Iranian commander threatened the US and allies.

According to Fox News,

The head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard on Monday threatened to destroy the United States and its Middle Eastern allies, accusing them during a televised speech of instigating the violent protests that erupted earlier this month after the announcement of massive fuel price hikes.

Speaking to tens of thousands of people holding signs with anti-U.S. slogans in Tehran’s Revolution Square, Gen. Hossein Salami accused the U.S., Britain, Saudi Arabia and Israel of fueling the deadly unrest.

“We have shown restraint. … We have shown patience toward the hostile moves of America, the Zionist regime (Israel) and Saudi Arabia against the Islamic Republic of Iran,” he said. “If you cross our red line, we will destroy you. We will not leave any move unanswered.”

The issues started when Iran increased fuel and food costs on its once middle calls. This is likely connected to Trump’s decision to pull out of the Iran deal made by Obama.

The internet has been turned off for quite some time now to try and manage the civil unrest to the best of their abilities. But without the internet, it has made it extremely difficult to ascertain the extent of the violence.

Authorities have reported that banks and government offices have even been set ablaze and over 1,000 people have been arrested so far.

We’re waiting to see how Trump will respond to this new threat. If he even decides to. Iran’s threat to the US and her allies isn’t on par with the kind of destruction the US could bring to the Iranian government. The Pentagon has deployed 14,000 more troops to the Middle East since May.

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