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Is This Proof Of Paid Bodies For “March for our Lives”?

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Is This Proof Of Paid Bodies For “March for our Lives”?

VIA| Did anyone notice there were more signs at the “MarchforOurLives” protest for gun control than actually condemning the shooter Nikolas Cruz, the shooter who took the lives of 17 innocent people?

Many are now complaining the MarchforOurLives rally was a fake grassroots political movement from the beginning. Democrats and the leftist mainstream media made a pretty big deal about the number of people who attended the protest. But was everyone there showing up for the right reasons?

Just like our current government, if you look close, the “MarchforOurLives” protest was more corrupt than you can imagine.

Many of the protesters that showed up were actually paid to be there. And some top dollar supporters could care less about the lives that were taken but were there to pump money into taking away all gun control merchandise and rights.

Reported by 100percentfedup:

How many of those protesters came to the #MarchForOurLives rally today because they were receiving a paycheck to be there? And how many actually traveled to D.C. to attend the gun-control without receiving a complimentary ride on a bus, or a paycheck for attending the rally?

Conservative Jacob Wohl, offered PROOF that the rally was not, in fact, “an example of a grassroots political movement”, but instead, like almost every single rally organized by the left, it was a manufactured scene, created by leftist organizations to make it appear to America and to the world, that a large majority of Americans agree that more gun-control is needed to prevent senseless murders in America.

Here’s Jacob Wohl’s tweet, showing an email he received from “Glenn Buchwald” offering to pay him $50 to march. In his email to Jacob Wohl, Buchwald offered to arrange payment for Wohl through Venmo, a popular wire service millennials use to transfer money, saying it would pay for his “lunch and travel expenses”.

Wohl posted “one of many of the Craigslist ads where Soros Organizers were recruiting “street teams” or  “PAID protesters for #MarchFourOurLives”

Wohl tweeted an ad asking for PAID protesters in Los Angeles: “CAUGHT RED HANDED! #MarchForOurLives organizers paid protestors as much as $300 each!”

The ad is actually recruiting salespeople to hawk gun control merchandise.

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