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Israel’s MAJOR STRIKE Against Hamas Is Sure To Make Trump Proud!

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Israel’s MAJOR STRIKE Against Hamas Is Sure To Make Trump Proud!

The tension between Israel and Palestinian has nearly doubled over in the last 48 hours. A short-lived cease-fire was interrupted Sunday as Israel moved to strike on Hamas’ military locations after reporting several attacks in Israel stemming from the terrorist group. Including the launch of weaponized kites that set fire to several locations across the Israeli borders.

According to The Times of Israel, a blaze set by Palestinian protesters along the Gaza border devastated a nature reserve inside Israel on Saturday, in what officials said was the worst day of fires since the demonstrators adopted the fire kite tactics in the last few months.

Arson investigators at the Carmia reserve said the fire was most likely set by a fire kite, or possibly a balloon filled with chemicals that dripped flames along the area, Hadashot news reported.

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At 1 A.M. early Sunday, the Israeli army announced that fighter planes had attacked three Hamas compounds, including two weapons-production and storage sites and another military compound. At around 6 P.M., the IDF reported another strike, this time at a site belonging to the Hamas naval force in the northern part of the strip.

The army said the operations were in response to rocket fire “and terrorist incidents led and made possible by the Hamas terrorist organization over the course of the weekend.” These included the throwing of grenades and explosive charges, attempts to break through the Israeli border fence, damaging Israeli security infrastructure and setting fires on the Israeli side of the border through the use of kite-borne fire bombs and other incendiary devices, the army added.

Sources in Gaza said it is thought that the rockets were fired in response to Friday’s killing of a 21-year-old Palestinian medic, Razzan Najjar, who was shot by Israeli army fire.

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