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Judge Dismisses Suit From Woman Injured While Blocking Bust Highway Protesting Trump’s Election

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Judge Dismisses Suit From Woman Injured While Blocking Bust Highway Protesting Trump’s Election

Carrola Flores sued UC San Diego and others over injuries she got while illegally blocking a major highway where she was protesting the election of Donald Trump.

She claimed that UC San Diego’s resident advisers were encouraging students to participate in the protest. Flores suffered major injuries as she was hit while blocking the road. Illegally blocking a major highway. What could possibly go wrong?

From the College Fix:

Court dismisses lawsuit filed by student hit by vehicle during anti-Trump freeway protest

A judge has tossed out a personal injury lawsuit filed by a young woman who sued UC San Diego and others after she was hit by a vehicle as she protested the election of Donald Trump in the middle of a busy San Diego freeway.

The San Diego Superior Court has issued a notice of dismissal against Maria Ana Carrola Flores’ case, according to court documents obtained by The College Fix.

Flores, reportedly a UCSD student at the time of the November 2016 incident, partly blamed campus officials in her lawsuit, alleging Resident Advisors had effectively organized the protest by encouraging it, therefore campus officials shared responsibility for her injuries.

Her case was officially dismissed without prejudice on May 26, court documents show.

Reached for comment, her attorney Jerold Sullivan told The College Fix that the outcome was “a tragedy” and that the case will not be refiled.

“The person that ran her over did not have insurance and is judgement proof with no assets. Ms. Flores is left with no recourse for catastrophic physical injuries and a lifetime of medical expenses,” he said.

UCSD declined to comment to The College Fix.

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