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Judge Sued For Not Granting Name Changes To Transgender Minors – Is He Wrong?

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Judge Sued For Not Granting Name Changes To Transgender Minors – Is He Wrong?

The Parents of three children are now suing an Ohio Judge for not granting name changes for their transgender children. The families claim the judge is discriminating because of their sexual orientation but get this – He has granted the same request from adults.

According to WCPO, a federal lawsuit claims a Warren County judge suggested a transgender teen was influenced by Caitlyn Jenner and wasn’t sincere about his gender identity when the teen’s parents requested to legally change their minor’s name.

The parents of that 15-year-old teen and two other transgender teens are suing Probate and Juvenile Court Judge Joseph W. Kirby to allow their children to change their legal names from female to male. The parents claim Kirby discriminates against transgender minors in refusing to allow them to select a name that reflects their gender identity.

The plaintiffs in the suit include the parents of one transgender teen Kirby has already ruled against, parents of another teen whose hearing is scheduled for Aug. 14, and a single parent who plans to file a petition for a name change for her transgender teen.

When The Daily Wire asked the attorney who filed the lawsuit, Joshua Engel, how Kirby discriminated on the basis of sex when he granted name changes to transgender adults, the Ohio-based attorney said the standards are different for children and adults.

“For children, the Court is required to consider the ‘best interest of the child’ in addition to whether the name change is for an improper purpose,” Engel said. “The fact that the Judge approved name changes for adults is not a relevant comparator for that reason.”

Engel also said Kirby is ignoring doctors and research into transgender teens and substituting his own views, suggesting it is just a fad they saw on TV, when the teens asking for the name changes are undergoing “extensive medical treatment from experts in the field.”


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