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Kimmel Attacks ‘Dopey Meth Head’ Amputee Over Wall Fund – Realizes BIG Mistake Too Late!

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Kimmel Attacks ‘Dopey Meth Head’ Amputee Over Wall Fund – Realizes BIG Mistake Too Late!

The Federalist Papers reports: The late night host was addressing a GoFundMe some have donated to help President Donald Trump build the wall between the United States and Mexico.

Whatever you think about the fundraiser, as there is no evidence that these funds could even be used for that purpose unless Congress allocates the funds that way, what Kimmel said about the donors was loathsome. “This is what people do with their disposable income when they don’t have loans for college to pay off,” the host said.

“Donating money for a wall that will never exist,” he said. “It’s like starting a college fund for Harry Potter,” Kimmel insisted. “A more useful thing to do with your money would be to go outside and feed it to a bird,” he said.

Classy move Kimmel.

While nobody assumes Kimmel is intelligent, it seems like common sense that it’s probably not a great idea to make such a sick accusation about a group of people the size of those who support and/or contributed to the WeFundTheWall campaign.

As The Federalist Papers point out, Kimmel paid for it on Twitter:

@JimmyKimmel seems to be REALLY pissed at red staters for not voting the way he wanted them to. Hey Jimmy, maybe they don’t think you’re any more important than their next-door neighbor.”

He should have learned his lesson from all the retaliation he has received before, but didn’t. Now, he’s realizing his big mistake too late and deserves all that’s coming his way and the toward his failing “funny” show.

Kimmel is no hero, even though he’s arrogant enough to assume he’s one. On the other hand, Brian Kolfage is, having lost both legs and his right (dominant) arm while serving our country in Iraq. This Purple Heart recipient has to live with that sacrifice daily, as does his young family. He can’t kick the soccer ball with his son or daughter, he can’t chase after them or play tag.

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