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Would Legalizing Marijuana Solve Anything? This Guy Thinks So

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Would Legalizing Marijuana Solve Anything? This Guy Thinks So

What do you think of his reasons?

Should we legalize it, tax it, and get the United States out of debt? That’s what some people are saying.

And today Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) has introduced the Marijuana Justice Act. It’s hard for anyone to back a Democrat but well it’s well stated above. This would essentially make marijuana legal on the federal level. While it may still be up to the states it’s a step toward decriminalizing it.

One aspect we certainly do not support is that the bill “retroactively expunges” criminal records of people convicted, federally, of marijuana use and possession. Regardless of if it becomes legal or not, it’s still against the law, even now. You do the crime you do the time.

Booker said, “When you see these marijuana arrests happening so much in our country, targeting certain communities — poor communities, minority communities — targeting people with an illness, targeting dispositionally our veterans, you see the injustice of it all.

What do you think? Would you support it’s legalization? And tell us why.

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