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Liberals Are Bitter In The Wake Of Trump’s Success – Even As We Face True World Peace

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Liberals Are Bitter In The Wake Of Trump’s Success – Even As We Face True World Peace

Try As They Might Liberals Cannot Tear Down Trumps Overwhelming Success

Instead, they find tiny issues to nitpick, ‘dress up’ stories to enrage their ‘blue wavers’, or lose their minds in general and just implode. It’s been entertaining if nothing else but at some point, Democrats have to realize they can’t destroy a successful President.

President Trump’s historic summit with Kim Jong Un could be the first step to the Hermit Kingdom dismantling its country’s nuclear program – but Bitter Bettys throughout the mainstream media found ways to slam the event.

CNN global affairs analyst Max Boot chalked up the meeting as something that “any previous president could have done,” while MSNBC regular Jon Meacham claimed, “just because something hasn’t happened before, doesn’t mean it’s historic.”

As Written By USA Today:

“Liberals have opposed virtually every move President Trump has taken on the economy, which makes it inconvenient for them that economic conditions are so universally positive,” wrote Stephen Moore and Arthur Laffer in the Wall Street Journal. “It is hard to find a single indicator that isn’t pointed in a bullish direction. That’s why the left is now forced to argue that Mr. Trump’s economic success is really the continuation of a trend that began under President Obama.”

While Moore and Laffer concede that Obama deserves “credit for the long and durable recovery,” but they say it was the “weakest recovery since the Great Depression” and that it “left much of the country behind.”

“Obama might be justified in taking credit for today’s economy if his successor had adopted and carried on his policies. Instead, Mr. Trump has reversed nearly every Obama rule, edict and law that he can legally overturn,” they said. “In that sense, they really did set up President Trump for this big economic rally — by giving him bad policies to repeal.”

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