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Liberals Seek To Extend BS Trump-Treason-Charges To Sarah Sanders

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Liberals Seek To Extend BS Trump-Treason-Charges To Sarah Sanders

Not only are they saying that Trump could be charged with treason, the left is now expanding on that to include others such as Sanders. The hatred and harassment are off the charts here and is really beginning to worry me. They are claiming that Trump is committing verbal treason by insisting during a press conference that Russia is no longer trying to attack U.S. elections. Even after the U.S. intel community has unanimously stated that Russia is still trying to attack the elections. First off, President Trump made a couple of verbal errors and I personally believe he sees things somewhat differently than the intel community. Other than his handpicked guys, he has no reason in the world to trust them after what they have done to him. We are playing word games here that certainly don’t rise to the level of treason.

The left claims that Sarah Huckabee Sanders then attempted to cover up Trump’s treason by insisting that he didn’t actually say it, even though she was in the room during his press conference, and she knew that he did say it. Again, all of this is he said, she said. Misspeaking or having a differing opinion from the left is not treason, although that is what the Democrats level every time someone does not agree with them.

Sarah’s words and defense of a sitting president do not rise anywhere near the level of treason. What President Trump has said doesn’t either. This is over-the-top hot rhetoric meant to incite unrest on the right and possibly stir up a war to blame on Trump. Sanders has not verbally obstructed justice either from the briefing room podium. That’s a moronic accusation and shows that they do not understand what the definition of ‘obstruction’ is. They are praying that Mueller will go after Sanders and Trump. There’s nothing there and this whole thing is out of control and needs to stop. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is not guilty of treason, neither is Trump. Although, the same cannot be said for many on the left, who actually fit the definition very nicely these days.

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