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LOL! Guess what Griffin Blames On Tucker Carlson!

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LOL! Guess what Griffin Blames On Tucker Carlson!

She must be reading right from Hillary’s “blame game” handbook.

OK so I’m trying to not post as much stuff about her, I mean… it’s all over the place. Earlier it was reported that Kathy Griffin essentially says Megyn Kelly was to blame for the Trump head debacle. NOW, apparently, Trucker Carlson is to blame for her having a falling out with her mom. Maybe she was joking? But who can tell at this point.

“Fox News ain’t got nothing on me,” Griffin said. “My mother is not speaking to me because she’s in love with Tucker Carlson.”

“Wow. I have too many mixed feelings,” Carlson told The Mirror when pressed for comment.

Reddit AMA’s have shown Carlson to be a hit with female viewers with many “wanting to have his children.

One wrote, “On behalf of all the women (maybe men?) here, we are sorry we’re too late to bear your children.”

As written for The Daily Caller by BETSY ROTHSTEIN:

Amid tears and underboob jokes, Griffin swung drastically between crying and playing the victim of President Trump‘s bullying and declaring comedy war against him and his family.

During her presser, Griffin sometimes broke down weeping. She said she was so nervous that she might start making jokes.

“I’m afraid I’m going to get that underboob sweat, she said. “That was not appropriate, right?”

Maybe not. Still, laughter erupted from her lawyer Lisa Bloom.

Kathy Griffin Blames Tucker Carlson For Falling Out With Her Mom

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