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Look What Hollywood Blames On Trump NOW

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Look What Hollywood Blames On Trump NOW

They did this to themselves!

Oh this is rich. Hollywood is blaming it’s recent string of comedy flops on… President Donald Trump. HA!

As written for The Daily Wire by :

Some of us, if you will allow me to brag for a moment, have been warning about the demise of the adult comedy — most especially the R-rated, gross-out comedy — going back 18 months, or long before rumors about Donald Trump jumping into the presidential race even began to circulate. Way back in January of 2016, after the box office collapse of what should’ve been easy money — the Vacation sequel/remake, Seth Rogen’s The Night Before, Robert DeNiro’s Bad Grandpa, and sequels to the monster hits Magic Mike, Neighbors, and Ted — the writing was on the wall.

By January of 2016, The Hangover (2009), a legitimate comedy-classic directly responsible for all the disgusting garbage that followed, was already six years old. By then there had been countless copycats, some of them big hits. But how many filthy jokes can you tell? How many uncomfortable situations involving big stars humiliating themselves with body fluids can one species come up with?

Unless a gross-out comedy achieves something bigger than making the audience laugh out of an extreme case of awkwardness, the movie really isn’t all that much fun. Most of these comedies only offer one thing, the novelty of shock. Now that the shock has worn off, that only leaves Ewwww….

Nevertheless, at the expense of comedy genres that have proven their timelessness by lasting for decades (the teen comedy, the romantic comedy, and most especially the family comedy), Hollywood pretty much ignored all of those (granted, they were running out of creative steam) and went all-in on the gross-out comedy; now the chickens have really come home to roost. Adult comedies are not just under-performing, they are crashing and burning. Just last week I covered this in detail.

Released this weekend, the Will Ferrell/Amy Poehler comedy The House is already a mega-flop ($9M). Add to that Dwayne Johnson’s Baywatch ($57M), Amy Schumer’s Snatched ($45M), Ice Cube’s Fist Fight ($32M) Kate McKinnon’s Rough Night($19M), and CHiPs ($18M).

Guess Who Hollywood’s Blaming For a String Of Comedy-Flops? Yep, Trump.

And now I present to you, my lovely and faithful readers… Hollywood digging it’s own whole in this MESS.

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