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Luana Stoltenberg’s Abortion Testimony Is Something To Remember

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Luana Stoltenberg’s Abortion Testimony Is Something To Remember

This is the stuff the Left don’t want you hearing.

We all know how the Liberal Left love generalization and that same frame-of-mind extends even to Planned Parenthood and abortions. They claim that there is no lasting effecting on a woman’s mental health after the procedure.

Well… this is where we see a fault in “generalization”.

Launa Stoltenberg had some chilling words on October 8th, 2015 before the House about the physical and emotional ramifications of her multiple abortions. This is even more amazing considering the propaganda that the Left loves to jive on.

Speaking personally… I remember overhearing a friend’s mom, as a kid, once breaking down over her multiple abortions (she said she had 14) and honestly… that stuck with me. I knew, even as a child, that it wasn’t right and apparently it hit her pretty hard… eventually.

Partial transcript:

“My life has been devastated by abortion. I was a teenager when I had my first abortion. I was too afraid to tell my parents that I was pregnant, and my boyfriend didn’t want a baby, so I made my appointment with Planned Parenthood. I was so scared when I arrived, I paid my money and I sat in the waiting room. I was then taken back to a room with a nurse and asked how I felt about this. I told her this had to be wrong; it had to be a baby. She told me it was just a blob of tissue; that this abortion would be easier and safer then if I carried it to term.”

“I was a scared teenager with no medical knowledge or experience; they were the trusted medical professionals and adults, so I thought. So I trusted and I believed them, and I went through with the procedure.”

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