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Mainstream Media Creating Outlandish Claims Against First Lady Melania – Trump Sets Them Straight

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Mainstream Media Creating Outlandish Claims Against First Lady Melania – Trump Sets Them Straight

President Trump Announced That Melania Is Unable To Fly Due To Surgery

Rather than take the President’s words to heart, the media continues to stir the ‘speculation’ pot. How desperate are these people? Melania Trump is still recovering from a kidney procedure, and yes she hasn’t been in the spotlight as much, but it doesn’t mean she’s gotten a facelift or is in danger.

We’re joyed to see our gracious and gorgeous First Lady doing well and happy she has continued to recover nicely. However, it is disturbing the way the media has acted. Even more so, that the First Lady herself was forced to address their outlandish conspiracies.

As Written By USA Today:

The rumors swirling around about the first lady’s disappearance from the public spotlight included speculation that she was seriously ill, that there was trouble in the Trump marriage, that she had fled back to New York, or that she was recovering from plastic surgery.

But most of the mocking and speculation took place on Twitter, the president’s favorite communications platform. In actuality, the mainstream press — the same one he regularly derides as “fake” — focused on reporting that she hadn’t been seen in weeks, noting that an absence that long was unusual even for an unconventional first lady like Trump, 48.

“The unprecedented weeks-long absence of the first lady might not rank particularly high in (importance), but it’s still worthy of notice. So, Melania, we’ll be looking for you. And there’s nothing wrong with that,” opined Margaret Sullivan, the Washington Post‘s media columnist on Wednesday.

The first lady’s spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, has repeatedly told reporters the MIA narrative about the first lady’s absence was “nonsense.” Grisham said there’s nothing wrong with her boss, she is not — and was never —  “missing,” and the details of her surgery and recovery are nobody’s business but hers.

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