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Male Feminist Gets SMACKED DOWN after stealing Pro-Life Crosses from Memorial

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Male Feminist Gets SMACKED DOWN after stealing Pro-Life Crosses from Memorial

an unhedged male-feminist declares war on a small memorial to babies who’ve died due to abortion at Whatcom Community College in Washington.

The Students for Life chapter tried to stop the man from taking their property but he quickly broke out a ‘tough guy act’ and arrogantly told them that they ‘sound like broken records’. His attitude quickly changed when the feminist was face to face with a school administrator.

“Can you leave those alone, please?” asks one of the female pro-life students shown in the video, as the man picks up as many pro-life crosses as he can. “Those are ours.”

“Nope,” he answers, continuing to steal their property.

The pink crosses make up a display known as the Cemetery of the Innocents; each cross commemorates the life of a baby killed by abortion.

“We have permission to be here,” a pro-lifer informs the man. “You’re like a broken record, aren’t you?” he responds.

The pro-life students offer to engage in discussion about abortion with the man when he informs them that he doesn’t like their “message.” But, of course, he does not want to talk. Instead, he continues to steal their property.

“Pro-life arguments have about as much merit as, like, flat-Earth arguments,” he claims, later adding that he “fundamentally [disagrees] with what all of your guys’ arguments are based off of, so there’s really no point.”

“I can’t do that?” he mocks their calls to stop stealing. “Then what’s stopping me right now? How am I still doing this? This is incredible. I didn’t even think I could carry this many.”

When a male pro-life student stands in front of him, the thief snarks, “Dude, I’ve got reach. I’m like Kareem, you’re not blocking me.”

After gathering as many crosses as he can, he walks toward a building on campus. But when he’s met by an apparent administrator, the male feminist immediately drops the tough-guy act and returns all the crosses.

“Thank you,” the school official tells him. “You don’t have to agree with them, but you do have to give them the same access everybody else has.”

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