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Man Alleges Sex Cult Party Guest: Stormy Daniels, Schneiderman, Huma, and Weiner Were All There

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Man Alleges Sex Cult Party Guest: Stormy Daniels, Schneiderman, Huma, and Weiner Were All There

This story is alleged to have happened by Szemkus. Some Highlights From Szemkus’ Written Statement:

On Eric Schneiderman, the New York attorney general who never prosecuted NXIVM despite receiving many complaints

“Lights went low and some party music came on. I walked around talking to Keith and Baldish Guy, I had no intention of speaking to any of the Yale Girls unless they wanted to buy some weed (I never sold any weed that night). A salt and pepper haired man with dark circles around his eyes came in (almost like a Pakistani or Eastern Indian man’s eyes can be sometimes, I hope that doesn’t sound racist but that’s what I thought). He scans the room of girls prancing about, sees me, makes a B-Line over and introduces himself. His name was Eric Schneiderman, he spoke with a NYC accent and mentioned the activity in the room.”

Half sarcastic, I said, ‘Yeah it’s great’ he mentioned the movement that they were building and asked if I had spoke with Keith, who just before I was talking ‘teleology’ with. He wore a sweater and some jeans. Keith mentioned a plan of child caregivers that spoke seven or so different languages to train the children they were looking after. Keith was real interested in himself I could tell by his lofty mannerisms, he seemed needy for positive response. I thought’ugh’ and broke off to talk with Schneiderman who was then just walking over. Schneiderman was dressed business casual with a 3 button silky short sleeved golf shirt and slacks with leather dress shoes maybe loafers (nice leather I could tell they were probably $300 dollar shoes maybe more).

On Huma and Weiner

“I spoke to White Dress Shirt Sweaty Man he introduced himself as Anthony Weiner. He points at Arab woman saying, ‘That’s My Wife Huma.’

*** at this point was coming in from having a smoke and talking to A–, I could tell she wanted to go.
I said to Anthony, ‘Hey I think we’re gonna take off.’

On Stormy Daniels

I asked what they were watching and they described to me what was later to be known as the infamous ‘Snuff Video’

*** said it all looked fake but she was used to gore stuff like, because once again, she’s a little badass.

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