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Man Gets Physical with GOP Congressman

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Man Gets Physical with GOP Congressman

We’re eventually going to have to meet this threatening behavior in-kind!

Rep. Kevin Cramer was at a town hall event where a man became belligerent and began yelling at him, then got physical with the Congressman.

The man was yelling at Rep. Cramer, “Will the rich benefit from, if the health care is destroyed, do the rich get a tax break? Yes or no?” He then shoved cash into the congressman’s collar, saying, “There you go, take it.”

Cramer responded, “That’s too far,” and police escorted the man from the meeting. Another man was escorted out after he stepped in and blocked the man yelling as he was angrily approaching the congressman.

This is the third one we’ve posted about in a matter of weeks. Town hall meetings getting very riled up, sometimes physical, by “liberal activists” trying to scare representatives and other townspeople.

And of course CNN tried to downplay it. Poppy Harlow simply described it as, “This man showing his disgust with the Congressman’s support of tax cuts for the wealthy, one part of the GOP plan right now.”

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