I feel like at this point that ol’ John Podesta doesn’t have a leg to stand on. How is he even still a “thing”? Why is anyone talking to him? He’s a failed Clinton goon, that’s it.

And I still want to know more about his email “Didn’t think wet works meant pool parties at the Vineyard.” — I won’t go any further…

As written for Mediaite.com by Colby Hal:

John Podesta is not just the former chairman of the Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, but also a central figure in the ongoing narrative of Russian meddling in the US election of 2016. His hacked emails were at the heart of what some have called a coordinated news campaign led by Wikileaks, and so he met with the House Intelligence panel yesterday behind closed doors.

This morning he appeared on Fox Business to discuss the Russian interference, allegations of collusion with Trump campaign and more with host Maria Bartiromo in what became a testy debate that perfectly exemplifies the divided positions that so many Americans hold right now.

John Podesta and Maria Bartiromo Epic Fight Over Russia Ties: ‘Get Your Facts Straight!’

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