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Massive BRAWL on Trump’s Hollywood Star CAUGHT on Tape – Pastor And Marine Assaulted

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Massive BRAWL on Trump’s Hollywood Star CAUGHT on Tape – Pastor And Marine Assaulted

No one was arrested following the brawl on Thursday night, The Daily Mail reported, but plenty of chaos was caught on camera.

Singer/songwriter Joy Villa was at the star’s location near the corner of Hollywood and Highland, smiling next to a larger-than-life size Trump cutout and singing the national anthem.

Villa wore a pro-life dress to the Grammy Awards in January, featuring a depiction of a fetus surrounded by all the colors of the rainbow.

The video then cuts to a group of protestors started chanting, ‘F*** Donald Trump,’ with text over the footage that reads, ‘This is going to get ugly I have a feeling.’

Then, a Trump support can be seen confronting a man who repeatedly says the n-word.

‘I didn’t say e-r though,’ he says. ‘I can say n***a if I want to. I can say n***a if I want to.’

From Trump’s election in 2016 to the recent attack on Trump’s Hollywood star. The left has become increasingly violent in their protest.

As Reported By La Times:

This anti-Trump sentiment reached a new level Wednesday when the star was annihilated with a pickax by a vandal who quickly turned himself into police.

While it wasn’t immediately clear what the 24-year-old man’s motivations were, images of the gauged-out star swiftly spread across social media taking on a meaning of its own: the latest political protest on the canvas that is the streets of Los Angeles, for better or worse.

“It’s a very visceral visual statement that speaks a thousand words,” said Rosa Lowinger, an L.A.-based art writer and conservator who has studied vandalism in public spaces. “These are time-honored traditions of expression.”

In Los Angeles, where the president’s critics far outnumber his fans, Trump has been depicted in street art in a headlock by a luchador, naked, or blindfolded and holding a dart with his hand guided by Russian President Vladimir Putin.


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