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Maxine Just Caught Pulling ‘Dirty Deal’ To Win Re-Election – Patriots Need Our Help Now

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Maxine Just Caught Pulling ‘Dirty Deal’ To Win Re-Election – Patriots Need Our Help Now

Maxine Waters might be up to her old tricks again and trying to pull dirty deals to win a re-election. California needs everyone to get to the voting polls and vote in the other direction to help the 43rd Congressional District finally get some help.

As of now, it looks like the FBI and Capitol Police want to spend some time with Maxine’s opponent talking about a letter he posted to Twitter accusing her of wanting thousands of extra refugees in her somewhat unkempt district. If the letter was real or not is undetermined, however, her opponent doesn’t seem very thrilled. He’s mostly not thrilled because Maxine has allegedly done much worse and he’s the one getting thrown under the bus for it.

Doesn’t sound right, does it?

His name is Omar Navarro and he’s ticked off. There’s a good chance Maxine Waters could be up to some dirty tricks just scheming on him and trying to pull some shady moves to distract him from campaigning and gaining traction on her. It’s not unlike a Democrat to do something that many might call unethical. After all, didn’t Maxine have complaints filed against her for ethics violations? That answer appears to be yes according to the Washington Times.

The LA Times went into further detail discussing the situation with Navarro and Waters. Navarro will need help. If you know voters in California, then make sure they get to the polls. Your voice is worthless without your vote.

The Desert Sun talked more about it:

“Before he worked for a nonprofit that helps criminal defendants and their families, Keith Boone had to navigate California’s money-based bail system himself.

“The Republican candidate, Omar Navarro, said he will meet with FBI agents at his California campaign office Wednesday at their request.

“In December, Waters formally asked the FBI and Capitol Police to investigate the letter, which appears to be on Waters’ House office stationery and includes her signature.

“It is a federal crime to impersonate a federal official and misuse a federal seal.

“Navarro told The Times after Waters filed the December complaint that someone he did not know sent his campaign the letter on Facebook, and he did not vet whether it was real before putting it online.

“I don’t know why they are looking into me since I’m not the one who fabricated the letter,” Navarro said Monday. He said he has not had contact with the person who sent him the letter since December.

And now because this is a “Video” site – here’s some of her craziest sh*t:

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