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Media Tries To Shame First Daughter Ivanka Trump, Makes Disgusting Remark About Her

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Media Tries To Shame First Daughter Ivanka Trump, Makes Disgusting Remark About Her

Typical liberal media outlet, attacks the President’s daughter but blaming her for battles that were already underway? Even more outlandish is the media calling these deadly fights ‘protests’ when in reality protests don’t involve bombs.

According to Fox News, The New York Daily News slammed Ivanka Trump as “Daddy’s Little Ghoul” in a Tuesday cover story mocking the first daughter as “seemingly oblivious” for attending the U.S. Embassy opening in Jerusalem.

The cover ridiculed Ivanka for being “all smiles” at the embassy opening while deadly clashes occurred in Gaza and even referred to her as a “deplorable” in a tweet promoting the derogatory cover.

Attacking the spouses and children of politicians has long been considered off limits, but Ivanka’s role in the administration creates gray area for the first daughter.

 As is evident in the Daily News’ ‘sneak peak’ at their latest cover which they shared first on Twitter:

The actual story being promoted with the offensive cover doesn’t even back up the “ghoul” remark; the article is a straight-news story that doesn’t mention Ivanka until the fourth paragraph when it simply names members of the Trump administration who attended the opening.

As Reported By The Huffington Post:

Trump administration officials have said their peace plan, whose chief architects are the president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt, is nearly complete.

“The peace plan will be brought forward at the appropriate time. It can be evaluated on its merits,” said Shah, the White House spokesman.

But it had drawn widespread skepticism even before the latest developments. The Palestinians have boycotted the process since Trump’s Jerusalem announcement in December.

Indyk said the decision “hasn’t advanced peace at all.

“The idea that … it’s going to convince the Palestinians that now they should come back to the table is a fundamental misrepresentation of what they’ve done,” he added. “They’ve driven the Palestinians away from the table and given them the excuse not to come back.”

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