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#MeToo Adds A SICK Twist To Disney Classics That’s Sure To Make Your Blood Boil!

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#MeToo Adds A SICK Twist To Disney Classics That’s Sure To Make Your Blood Boil!

The version of Sleeping Beauty we’re most familiar with today is based on an edition of the story by French author Charles Perrault (the same story adapted by Disney in its beloved 1959 film).

It seems a lovely princess put to sleep when she pricks her finger on a spindle. She sleeps for 100 years until a prince kisses her to wake her up. They live happily ever after.

However, #metoo has recently taken aim in an attempt to ruin the Disney version by depicting the ‘loves true kiss’. In their sick twisted video, you see prince kiss the princess and begins to molest her. Really molest her! The group then posted it on the web for any child to see.

One parent took it a step farther, says Telegraph: the #MeToo campaign inspired Sarah Hall, 40, to call for Sleeping Beauty to be removed from her six-year-old son’s curriculum. She wrote to the school and said she was “really concerned” about the message her impressionable young son would take from the tale, which features a stranger kissing a woman in her sleep.

“It’s a specific issue in the Sleeping Beauty story about sexual behavior and consent,” Hall told the Newcastle Chronicle. “It’s about saying, is this still relevant, is it appropriate?”

It’s not the only time fairytales have come under scrutiny recently. They are increasingly being targeted for “banning” within schools or avoidance by parents because of their perceived sexism, passive princesses, and reinforcement of marriage as girls’ ultimate goal. But can fairy tales actually be harmful as their critics believe?

The 40-year-old said she was partly prompted to take action over book by the coverage of the recent sexual harassment scandals.

When tweeting about the book her son brought home she used the #MeToo hashtag, which thousands of women and men have used to share their experiences of sexual harassment in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

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