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MICHAEL AVENATTI MELTDOWN: Pornstar Attorney Caught Funneling Almost $1 Million to Secret Account

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MICHAEL AVENATTI MELTDOWN: Pornstar Attorney Caught Funneling Almost $1 Million to Secret Account

Michael Avenatti appeared again in bankruptcy court on Friday in California.

The former attorney to porn star Stormy Daniels said under oath in a 341a hearing that he had no legal trust account outside of those declared in the bankruptcy of his firm, Eagan Avenatti.

Subpoenaed bank records and emails presented in a debtor’s examination hearing on Friday show that on that same day of a previous hearing, Avenatti ordered another law firm, who he worked with on a lawsuit against the NFL, to funnel more than $952,000 into a legal trust account at City National Bank.

All of the funds associated with that confidential settlement should have been wired to the general fund for the bankruptcy, per representations from the Bankruptcy Receiver in court.

If the subpoenaed bank records and emails are correct, they show that Avenatti engaged in a blatant fraudulent scheme to funnel money to himself rather than turning it over to creditors in the bankruptcy.

Michael Avenatti denied all claims of wrongdoing. He berated Jacob Wohl with profanities when asked for comment. During the lunch break Avenatti screamed at Jacob Wohl who attended the hearing. Avenatti wanted Wohl removed from the courtroom.

What do attorneys have to do to get disbarred? I can think of maybe 50 Obama judges that think they are legislators that affect millions of people with their lame opinions. Half of the attorneys in DC are probably laundering money, paying off bribes and criminals, and work as pass-throughs like Perkins Cooey that funneled Hillary money to Fusion and probably others.

If attorneys didn’t have extremely poor ethics they would have no ethics at all.

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