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Michelle Runs And Hides Her Face After Being Caught At Private Lunch Without Barack

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Michelle Runs And Hides Her Face After Being Caught At Private Lunch Without Barack

There are only a few reasons to be in Beverly Hills. You’re a tourist or you either live there or work there. If you work there, then there’s a good chance you’re dazzling someone because you’re a Hollywood star. Even though some Hollywood stars have lost their mind and live in a bubble devoid of humanity and reality, but it’s always fun when a website like TMZ catches someone off-guard and films them in the process. This latest bit from TMZ caught Michelle Obama out to lunch in Beverly Hills and she was with another big name. It was Kerry Washington. She’s from the show “Scandal” and now the Broadway play titled “American Son.”

TMZ tried to get some information out of Washington and the results were somewhat interesting. The video TMZ captured opened the door for a million levels of speculation and we’ll jump right in and see if we can figure it out. However, it’s important to remember that this is merely speculation and not to be confused with a fact. TMZ posted the video and short article and I was willing to jump into the sea of strange thoughts and “what ifs” just like a scientist trying to figure out weird things in space.

TMZ caught her walking on the side of a building and tried to ask some questions. Her answers were essentially null and void, so this is where all the potential for speculative answers comes in. Only time will tell if anyone’s predictions are correct. Don’t be scared to take a guess.

TMZ: “Michelle Obama + Kerry Washington + Spago = Biggest Power Lunch in Hollywood!

We got the former First Lady and the ex-“Scandal” star leaving the Bev Hills hot spot Thursday afternoon — eat your heart out, Shonda Rimes.

The meeting is more proof Michelle’s instantly become a big-time player in showbiz … on the heels of the Obamas’ deal to produce content for Netflix.

We asked Kerry if Michelle got her to sign on the dotted line for a project. Her answer was coy, and therefore … interesting.

More evidence they were trying to keep the meeting on the DL — they pulled the classic Hollywood move of leaving through separate exits. Michelle went out the front door, interestingly … while Kerry slipped out the back.

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