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Michigan Man Loses His House After Ridiculous Government Overstepping

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Michigan Man Loses His House After Ridiculous Government Overstepping

The government loves to interfere in the lives of everyday Americans. That’s how they make a living after all. So when they had to opportunity to steal another man’s home, they seized the moment.

Just recently, a Michigan man lost his home due to an accounting error which showed that he owed property taxes to the measly amount of $8.41. This led to the county seizing his property and auctioning it off for far less than what he paid for it.

According to The Daily Wire,

Uri Rafaeli, 83, purchased a home and property in Southfield, Michigan, which Reason described as “a lower-middle class suburb just north of Detroit.” Rafaeli purchased a three-bedroom, 1,500-square-foot home in the area in 2011 for $60,000, telling Reason it was “good to the state economy, and [at] the same time, it may produce a good rent for my retirement.”

The purchase was recorded in January 2012. Six months later, Rafaeli was told that he underpaid his 2011 property taxes by $496.

“Rafaeli made subsequent property tax payments on time and in full—and, in January 2013, he attempted to settle the unpaid tax debt, according to court documents,” Reason reported. “But he made a mistake in calculating the interest owed, resulting in another underpayment of $8.41.”

What sad is that he’s not the only person they’ve overstepped their authority on. There is now a class-action lawsuit that will be heard before the Michigan Supreme Court this month.

“In thousands of instances each year, the proceeds for a given property sold at auction far exceed the delinquent tax amount and are far less than a delinquent taxpayer’s equity in the property. This results in millions of dollars in surplus proceeds and equity for the counties and tax sale purchasers,” said Pacific Legal Foundation, the law firm representing Mr. Rafaeli as well as the others.

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