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Middle School Students Forced To Apologize For Being White and Christian

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Middle School Students Forced To Apologize For Being White and Christian

One of the biggest things that gets liberals riled up in today’s culture is this concept of “white privilege”. By white privilege, I mean that just because a person is white, they automatically have the upper hand in society compared to any other race of people.

About the only thing more privileged than being white is being a white male…you know, because of the patriarchy and all that jazz.

A high school in North Carolina decided to take it up a notch and declared that being a Christian is just as bad as being white. Because of students at the school being white Christians, one teacher forced the students at West Rockingham Middle School to stand up in class and apologize for being white Christians in order to apologize for their “privilege”.

According to Freedom Project,

Amid a public uproar at a North Carolina school board meeting over far-left “equity training” for government-school teachers, allegations were made by furious parents that a teacher forced white and Christian students to stand up in class and apologize for their “privilege.”

According to local parent Farren Wilkinson, who testified at the Rockingham School Board on May 8, a teacher in the district, later identified as Tarsha Clarke, bullied and publicly humiliated students in her class.

“I just want to share light on a situation that happened at Western Rockingham Middle School where a teacher caused some of her students to stand up and apologize to other students based on their inequal opportunities of education,” said the mom.

Wilkinson said, “So I would like to know how our schools can allow an educator to humiliate, bully and degrade students. Children are not responsible or accountable for any inequalities that are believed to be present within the school system.

This is not a matter of race but a matter of a teacher using fear and the embarrassment of children to satisfy her own personal anger or beliefs.

The actions of this educator do not provide safe, nurturing, dynamic, and integrative learning.”

This was absolutely a bully tactic and that teacher needs to be fired. Privileges are not unique to one particular class. Every class of people has its own privileges. They each also have disadvantages as well.

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