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Mitch McConnell Is On A WARPATH, Gives Senate An Ultimatum

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Mitch McConnell Is On A WARPATH, Gives Senate An Ultimatum

The majority leader, Mitch McConnell delivered remarks that Democrats shouldn’t ignore. McConnell led with ‘don’t hold your breath’, referring to Supreme Court Nominee, Brett Kavanaugh’s case of unfounded sexual assault claims against the nominee.

Democrat’s anticipate they will be successful getting Kavanaugh’s nomination thrown out but they’re hanging their hat on a 36-year-old allegation that was not previously reported, documented or witnessed by anyone. McConnel dishes out the bad news to Dems- ‘Be careful what you wish for’

Senator McConnell went on a new TIRADE on Tuesday against the Democrat Party, their media and their shameful attacks on Judge Brett Kavanaugh. McConnell once again announced there will be a vote on the Senate Floor on Friday, according to The Gateway Pundit.

As Written By Politico:

“Mitch McConnell has a warning for Democrats demanding copious documents on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh: Be careful what you wish for.

The Senate majority leader privately told senior Republicans on Wednesday that if Democrats keep pushing for access to upwards of a million pages in records from President Donald Trump’s high court pick, he’s prepared to let Kavanaugh’s confirmation vote slip until just before November’s midterm elections, according to multiple sources.

Delaying the vote past September would serve a dual purpose for McConnell, keeping vulnerable red-state Democrats off the campaign trail while potentially forcing anti-Kavanaugh liberals to swallow a demoralizing defeat just ahead of the midterms. Senators said McConnell believes the Democratic base will be “deflated” if they raise hopes of defeating Kavanaugh only to lose just days before the election.

Democrats have no intention of backing down in their call for maximum transparency about Kavanaugh’s record, but the GOP is betting that they’ll start to sweat the Supreme Court timeline as the summer wears on.

“To me, it’s in their best interest to have that vote done for a lot of their red-state senators who are facing their voters,” GOP Conference Chairman John Thune said.”

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