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This Modern Education Parody / Skit Will Get You Thinking!

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This Modern Education Parody / Skit Will Get You Thinking!

This is disgustingly hilarious.

This is disgustingly hilarious and very spot on. And it just goes to show, based on the accents, that this new-wave-liberal-whatever isn’t something we’re dealing with just in America, but there’s an war for our minds all over the globe.

The video starts out tense but unassuming with a young man entering a mathematics classroom. A very stern teacher asks “What is 1 + 1?” to which the young man answers “2”. Obviously correct but not for the teacher. Another young man raises his hand and states “multiculturalism”, which the teacher finds correct.

The video goes on like this, regarding how everything… every single question “must” be associated with some sort of “social justice” b.s.

So when it’s time to turn in assignments, the unassuming young man hands in a paper wherein he states that it could be used to potentially save thousands of lives.

“7” (out of 10) — because he wrote it with a red pen and apparently “red” is “offensive” in many cultures/religions around the world. Anyway, I’m going on too much. It’s best if you just watch it.

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