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Mom Allegedly Catches Perv Spying On Her Daughter – Wants His Face To Go VIRAL!

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Mom Allegedly Catches Perv Spying On Her Daughter – Wants His Face To Go VIRAL!

SICK!!! A Utah mom was forced to leave her daughter behind in a clothing store while she corralled an alleged pervert, with the help of other shoppers and security.  The man was caught by the mother, as well as an employee, spying on the young girl in the changing room.

According to NY Post, when Doris Stiles-Scown caught a man using his phone to peep underneath the stall her 12-year-old daughter was changing in at Rue 22 in Salt Lake City, Utah, she chased him down into the parking lot.

With help from other shoppers and mall security, Stiles-Scown apprehended the man on Saturday, according to a police report from the Salt Lake City Police Department. The group then surrounded the suspect, making sure he stayed put, while they waited for police to arrive.

During that time, Stiles-Scown whipped out her phone and began recording as the man sat silently on the ground outside the clothing store.

“This right here is what a predator looks like,” Stiles-Scown says as she focuses the camera on his face. “Thankfully, I got him. Not today, buddy. Not today.”

As Reported By The Daily Mail:

The outraged mother then explains that she chased down Leon-Alfaro after he ran off into the parking lot of the Salt Lake City store.

‘Thankfully I got him,’ she says. ‘Not today buddy, not today,’ the mom says.

‘I’m going to make sure your face gets out so that you’re not in any more stalls looking under little girls dressing.’

Stiles-Scown then demands that Leon-Alfaro look at the camera, but he only mumbles something in reply.

Security officers and bystanders helped Stiles-Scown detain Leon-Alfaro at the parking lot until police arrived around 7.30pm

Stiles-Scown, now in tears, then tells Leon-Alfaro he’s ‘so lucky’ that she isn’t going to hurt him. ‘Because that’s what I want to do right now,’ she continues. ‘Because what you did to her, you’re going to leave a scar on my daughter permanently.’

An employee of Rue 21 also validated Stiles-Scown’s account of the incident.

Authorities had enough evidence on the scene to arrest Leon-Alfaro and charged him with voyeurism. He is currently being held at Salt Lake County Jail.

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